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Our site is dedicated to nudists and naturists, photo and video materials show the life and communication of people without clothes of all ages - and therefore there are no porographic images and materials on it.

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Nude Beach Olympics 2008

The rest of naturists on their beach is very interesting and healthy. This time, nudists (naturists) decided to arrange a whole Olympiad, in which there is nude wrestling and discus throwing and other competitions from the Olympic list ...

Previously published Nov 26, 2015

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Naked Ursula Martinez (2006)

Actress, screenwriter, magician Ursula Martinez gathers whole halls for her performances. One of her best numbers is the trick with a red scarf, when the scarf is hidden in a fist, and is taken from various items of clothing. Each time, the clothes on the magician actress remain less and less ... The audience also wonders - where this time the red scarf will appear ... By the way, Ursula Martinez is the owner of the prestigious Laurence Olivier Prize for Best Entertainment Performance.

Previously published April 05, 2016

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